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January 26, 2022
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Chappell Roan Wants Us All To Be Queens Everyday

By this point, you have probably noticed that we do have a soft spot for cowpeople (yes, we are sticking with this one). So, of course, we just had to talk to you about Chappell Roan. Focus on the singer who dreams of a place where girls and boys can be queens everyday.

Honestly, who does not love a fellow human being wearing a Western style hat (yes, it is an inclusive term to talk about the famous cowpeople’s hat), santiags and fringes? Here at BØWIE, we do love it. After Sean Finn, The Highwomen and Sophia, here is our latest obsession: Chappell Roan.

Chappell Roan is a very young and very promising singer and songwriter from California, who was signed by an important record label at just 17 after publishing a song ('Die Young') on YouTube (Vulture, May 2021). And in the summer of 2020, amidst the pandemic, she released another hit: Pink Pony Club.

The song opens with a kind of kitsch, very country-vibe piano solo. But not to worry, the song gets better by the second. The piece tells the story of a girl who dances at a nightclub and who is imagining her mother’s (negative) reaction at the news (‘God, what have you done?').

But, you see, the song is a happy song because she loves dancing at the Pink Pony Club. Well, well, well, after Exotic Cancer, it seems like we are meeting with yet another accurate and positive representation of a stripper. Because, yes it so happens that not all strippers are coerced into the job.

In the music video, Chappell Roan’s first appearance on the scene is shy and tentative. But, as the song unravels and she talks about dancing at the Pink Pony Club, she quickly gains in happiness and confidence, until she is loudly and unapologetically herself.

We will also give her bonus points for her mention of a special place where boys and girls can be queens everyday, as well as the guitar solo by a flamboyant drag queen.

So, what are you waiting for? Go listen to her banger! She has an incredible voice, have we not mention this already?


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