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January 18, 2023
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Superknova: the dose of energy your playlist needs !

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Ellie Kim, aka SuperKnova, is a singer-songwriter engineer and producer all in one. Her music and themes are inspired by her life stories and often tackle on her experience as queer asian woman. 

She began her music career in medical school, and wrote songs as a form of therapy to get through the transition. She started her project SuperKnova to represent her experiences as an Asian American, queer woman, and artist. Her music celebrates the complexities of queer culture, and is fueled by her own coming-of-age story. She also taught herself to engineer and master her own work to have full creative control over every step of the process.

SuperKnova has released two big projects, Splendor Dysphoria and American Queers. The album is a reflection of the artist's journey as a transgender woman and serves as an expression of confidence and hope for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2021, SuperKnova's music video for her song "Goals_" was selected to the 44th Asian American International Film Festival in New York City.

She has recently released her musical project titled 'Hyperdome.' Supernova's music is filled with inspiration - from sweeping strings to powerful lyrics. Her sound encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and be courageous in facing their fears. She is also an activist, and is noted for speaking out publicly against non-consensual intersex surgery in infants while working at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. On stage, Supernova stands tall with her head held high; she radiates confidence and a strong sense of identity. She performs each song with intention and emotion, creating a safe space for fans to be vulnerable. 

Behind the scenes, Ellie Kim strives to create more visibility for transgender artists in the industry by being open about her story and actively advocating for trans rights. In doing so, she provides much-needed representation while instilling hope into those who need it most.

Her style of creative expression is unique, making her a true artist in this generation of musicians. Check her work out ! 

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