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Regina Demina
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December 29, 2022
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Regina Demina : sweet but sour

A dreamy and sweet voice, a raw and honest delivery all meshed with powerful visuals: a whole new universe to dive into - Regina Demina's world.

Regina Demina is a franco-Russian musical artist that challenges the models of french music and goes beyond the classical universe we are used to seeing in mainstream media.

Very candid but raw at the same time the young artist is a full surprise and manages to stand out in today's pop and alternative punk culture.

The multitalented artist is based in Paris and mixes performance with acting and dancing as well as pole dancing. She is the epitome of the contemporary and is taking some french variety references and making them her own; serving a peculiar and enchanting universe. Rich in character but also in the visual diversity it offers.

She is a true powerhouse in the individuality she provides and her unapologetic presence. Naive and dreamy lyrics with a heavy techno house musical base, an opposition that is magic to the ears. And a whole macabre and sweet setting is created. The perfect mix of two very opposite angles.

A strong artistic identity is what strikes when diving deep into her art, and it is what is so charming about Regina Demina. With also a touch of irony put in her lyrics as well as a critical sense to them.

She, in fact, tackles subjects of feminism and sociology as well as the complexity of relationships if not toxic ones. Thus exploiting social standards and completely deconstructing and squashing them.
It is much more than music, she goes beyond sound and creates some sort of meta world where the codes would be different and that focuses on empowerment and celebrating individuality.

A raw and often cruel world, enticing through the sweet and melancholic depiction of Regina Demina.

We strongly urge you to go and dive into the experience that is Regina Demina, and for now, here is one of her visuals for you to enjoy!

Images courtesy of the artist


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