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June 26, 2022
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Bruno Capinan caresses nostalgia, desire & love in their new album Tara Rara

A euphonious voice emerging from a wide range of inviting instruments, Tara Rara is a powerful and delicious album at a perfect time for the summer.

Born in Salvado de Bahia, Brazil, an epicenter of Afro-Brazilian music, Bruno Capinan has a 10 years music career under their belt, and an incredible creative ability expanding with each of their albums.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, Bruno Capinan has just released their sixth album, Tara Rara. Composed of 11 heavenly yet vigorous songs, their first album post-pandemic is an exploration of their past, of the struggle of black people in Brazil, and the strength they draw from their ancestors. It’s also a dive into the discovery and apprehension of their own non-binarity.

Desire, nostalgia, love, culture, and deities are central parts of Tara Rara, but so is freedom, a major feeling in their single, Qualquer Lugar. A reminder of the good that can be found in the world, and that there is a place for each of us.

Describing their music as a “queer extravaganza experience”, Bruno Capinan has a flamboyant stage persona and a uniquely vibrant voice. This same voice that bewitches thousands of listeners today used to make them a target of bullies, considered “too effeminate” when they were a child.

Drawing inspiration from Dorival Caymmi and Tincoãs, the album features an orchestra of LGBTQI+ musicians, making the instrumental layered, complex and enthralling. The album gets its name from a pun with Tara, a Buddhist deity of mercy and compassion who frees souls from suffering. A deliverance for all of those who need it.

Watch the music video of Qualquer Lugar and stream Tara Rara on your favorite stream platform!


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