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At BØWIE, we always look forward to discovering new stories, advices, tips or pieces of information. If you feel like you have something to share with the world, you can send us your work via the form below. We will read it with pleasure! And if you want to make sure that your content fits our website, have a look at our guidelines below. They will tell you everything you need to know on how to write and submit your article!

At BØWIE, we want to share your experiences, projects and stories to build a better, happier and safer space for queer people in Europe and beyond. We aim to connect you to other creators to collectively reshape gender, sexuality and love through film, fashion, art, music and more. Whether you write about a personal story, a top 5 of the best queer musicians of 2021 or a well-documented article on a political issue, we would love to read it. Do not wait: Join the collective (r)evolution!  

Our Values

Our website aims to be a safe space for everyone. As such, we respect and value everyone, independently of their gender identity(ies), sexual characteristics, gender expression(s), sexual and affective orientation(s), physical and psychological abilities, physical appearance, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, political opinion, family status and so on. 
You can find a helpful glossary on sexual and affective orientation, sexual characteristics and gender identities here if you need it!
The most important thing you need to remember is to be kind and understanding, and you should be fine :) 

The Type Of Articles We Look For

We publish a wide range of articles, from stories of personal growth to cinema critics, including political analyses or comments on current events. The main thing that we look for is for you to bring something to the discussion. Your article should not simply list facts or give general information about a project. You should be able to discuss your subject-matter and put it in perspective.

In addition, your article should fit into one of our website’s categories: art, fashion, music, film, pleasure or community. But do not worry too much if your article fits none or several of the categories! We can always find some space for well-written queer and/or feminist articles – we need more of them.

Finally, at BØWIE we care about our audience. We like to exchange with people, support them, and offer them funny and resourceful articles. Your article should make people feel listened to and understood; it is not a school project with a neutral tone and complete bibliography - although sources are always important. Think of it more as a letter to your friends: show them some love, joke with them, tell them how you feel. Just be yourself! We always love to learn more about the people we work with. 

In case you have trouble understanding what we mean, here are some examples of titles that would be great for our blog: 

  • ‘The Best Underrated LGBTQ+ Shows That You Might Have Missed’
  • ‘The Rise (And Fall) Of Bisexual Lighting’
  • ‘I Tried Bread: The Instagrammable Black-Owned Hair Carebrand And It Changed My Life’
  • ‘What Has A Year Of Lockdown Taught The LGBTIQ+ Community?’
  • ‘Aya Nakamura And The Music Industry: Sexism, Racism & Colorism’

Article Requirements

Here comes the boring part – but do not worry, we will be as quick as possible! Here are the few things you need to keep in mind when sending us an article: 

  • Your article needs to be in English. Please, write in a gender-neutral/inclusive manner! You can find a guide here if you need some help :)
  • Your article needs to be divided in sub-headings, in order to be as readable as possible.
  • Ideally, your article would be around 1000 words – but we accept shorter articles as well!
  • You should submit your work in an editable format (Word or Google Doc, no PDF)
  • We will need a picture header to illustrate your article. It should be in the .jpg or .png format, and at least 2000px large (horizontal format). You can find some awesome and free pictures on!
  • You can also add pictures to illustrate your article directly in your document!

But above all, write about something that inspires you! We look forward to reading your masterpiece!