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February 1, 2022
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‘Trevor: A New Musical’ Is Bound To Hit You Right In The Feels

Let us face it: musicals are queer as hell. That is a fact. But too few of them focus on queer protagonists. So, let us introduce you to a fantastic queer musical: ‘Trevor: A New Musical’.

The story of ‘Trevor’ starts in 1994, with an eponymous short film, by Peggy Rajski and Randy Stone, based on Celeste Lecesne’s screenplay - you may notice, like us, that the movie has been written, produced and directed all by women, yay! The movie follows the story of Trevor, a 13 years old boy, who is an unconditional fan of singer Diana Ross.

Like his heroine, Trevor loves to dance and sing. Two passions that get him a lot of negative attention from his parents and peers - we cannot say that the XXth was very accommodating when it comes to breaking gender stereotypes. But things get even more complicated for Trevor, when he realizes that he is developing a crush on one of the boys at his school.

And when word gets out, well… Trevor takes medication to try and take his own life. The short film ends with Trevor being rushed to the hospital and developing a friendship with one of the nurses. Not so bad of an ending, we guess.

But what could have been ‘just’ a prized short film turned into something much bigger. In 1998, Peggy, Randy and Celeste came together to found the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. Indeed, as the movie was supposed to premiere on television, they wanted to provide some support for youths going through the same issues as Trevor. But they soon realized that none existed at that time...

Back to our musical, then. It is based on the eponymous 1994 short film, but with a tad more… pizazz. Think the best of what Broadway musicals have to offer; think glitter, lights, music solos, incredible outfits. Now, apply this to the story of 13 years old queer boy. What more do we need?

Here is a little snippet of what you can expect out of the musical!


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