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January 2, 2022
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Sean Finn’s Poems Are Making Us Feel Things

It has been a while since we last spoke about poetry. Which is a shame, because we could sell our souls for a good poem. And when you mix it with Sean Finn’s immaculate aesthetic, well, let us say it is making us feel things - a lot of things.

Sean Finn’s Instagram account is one of these accounts you stumble upon by chance on Instagram, and suddenly you realize you have spent the last two hours scrolling down his profile. And you cannot stop, because it is just so good. The aesthetic, the pose, the words, everything is on point.  

Or at least, that is what happened to us. Sean’s aesthetic and carefully selected pictures first caught our attention. Something on his Instagram’s profile spoke to our soul, to the small part that still has not let go of the 90’s emo aesthetic. And then, we started reading his small poems, and it hit us right in the feels.

Think Rupi Kaur, but make it gay. It is destructured, fragments of thoughts thrown down on paper. It is like a diary: a sneak peak into the human’s soul. It is Sean’s heart poured out, a mix of highs and lows. It is poetry.

And, well, there is something about the way Sean presents himself, tapping into aesthetics traditionally perceived as masculine, as well as aesthetics traditionally perceived as feminine and playing around with it, blurring the limits, that appeals to us.

Not to forget his fantastic adaptations and video reenactments of queen Taylor Swift’ songs. ‘Cowboy Like Me’, to name only one, has us feeling things we have not felt since… maybe before the pandemic? Anyway, it is making us feel alive again. Go watch his videos!

A good poet, flawless 90’s kids aesthetic and Taylors Swift’s videos? Sign us up, please. Scroll down below to discover what we have been gushing about!


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