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Sabrina Bellaouel
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September 8, 2022
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Sabrina Bellaouel's futuristic soul

Soul and authentic in it's essence, experimental sounds : Sabrina Bellaouel's artistic universe.

The French-Algerian composer/singer, seduces with her bewitching voice, her experimental and very own  musical approach.

Based in Paris, she conquers the French alternative scene with the label Infiné Music. Combining house with trap, RnB and a hint of soul, Bellaouel is making a name for herself and delights with each of her releases.

The young artist offers something real and raw in the French music scene and we love it!

The singer offers a universe of her very own by mixing smooth melodies with club and soul sounds. As well as collaborations with artists of all backgrounds, the singer will always surprise her listeners.

Addressing sometimes taboo subjects such as sex, gender and social issues. The artist is not afraid to share and disclose intimate or personal thoughts. An approach that is pleasing and makes her work quite touching and inspiring.

Notably influenced by her cultural heritage, she has brought a variety of sounds that one can only appreciate. A true chameleon: her music doesn't totally fit into one box or another, a posture that leaves room for exploration and many different influences.

An authentic musical personality and more than fascinating. A timbre and an imposing soul, just as we love it.

Her music is a personal vector but also echoes political and social issues. In a world ruled by mainstream culture, she offers an avant-garde vision while respecting traditions and those who influenced her. A sweet mix between older influences with a futuristic vision of music.

Mixing several languages in her sounds, she speaks from the heart, and one can truly feel it. An authenticity and strong personality are transcribed.

She offers her audience a unique and ever-changing world. One just wants to go and explore her creations. In any case, an artist to follow very closely!


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