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April 27, 2022
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Glitching their way to the top: Discover yeule’s latest album

Magnetic, eclectic, atypical, and digital, yeule is the persona of Nat Ćmiel through whom they embark us on a journey where the line between reality and immateriality blurs.

Born and raised in River Valley, Singapore, Nat Ćmiel is a songwriter and producer based in London. They run the yeule project and game and paint on the side too. The 24-years-old non-binary artist made their debut in 2014, when they were only 16, and keep pushing the boundaries of music ever since.

As a child, Nat Ćmiel struggled with isolation, which led them to the digital world. In the early 2010s, they spent a lot of time on Tumblr during its Golden Era, from where they drew a lot of their current futuristic-genderless angel aesthetic. After moving to London in 2016 to study Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, Nat Ćmiel found themselves surrounded by people they could finally relate to.

They got their scene name, yeule, from a Seeress in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Paddra Nsu-yeul. An ode to the MMO/RPGs they have spent so much time getting immersed in, influencing their art and imagination.

Last February, yeule released their 2nd album: Glitch princess. If the album is dreamy and futuristic, it is not impersonal for all that. The first song of the album, with their own name as the title, is a long robotic list of their likes and dislikes, getting increasingly personal. An invitation to join them in their own reality in all its facets through the impressive range of their songs.

Touching the themes of identity and loneliness in a digital era, Glitch princess explores all the layers and conception of the self through rather dark yet relatable and touching lyrics.

Considering this new album like an X-Ray of themselves, they are looking for a sense of balance through the chaos of the glitch that they consider to be their life. If electronic and synthetic components are a trademark of their music, some songs like Don’t be so hard on your own beauty take a more acoustic approach, showing the range of Nat Ćmiel’s abilities and talents.

An experience in itself, Glitch Princess is an album that will definitely leave you an impression. Go listen to the new album on your favorite streaming platform!


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