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Ihui Cherise Wu
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June 13, 2022
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Polartropica’s empowering dreamy pop

A boba tea, a watermelon popsicle, and a dozen weapons, Polartropica is not to mess with in her newly released single, TERMINATOR X DYNASTY. The LA-based artist is here to give you the strength you need with her space-pop bangers.

Ihui Cherise Wu, known as Polartropica, is the space rock dream pop artist you need to enter this pride month full of energy and power. The Taiwanese-born singer was crowned LA Weekly's Best Indie Pop Band in 2019 and has been on an amazing artistic trajectory ever since, with her debut EP Dreams come true released in 2020. In 2022, she is coming back with two singles and many projects that for sure shouldn’t be missed out on.

Ihui Cherise Wu started interning at a record label while they were still at school, playing in bands and booking events on campus. When she could move to Los Angeles, they started playing and singing and touring before starting the Polartropica project.

Back for Lunar New Year with the single Gives Them Hell (Serial Killer Slayer), Polartropica surges to fight back in a climate of rising anti-Asian hate crimes and violence against trans women of color. With crunchy guitars and resonant vocals, the song is a rallying chant honoring the ones who fight back and shushing those that would rather see POC and queers keep quiet. In the incredible music video shot in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, we can see Ihui Cherise Wu and her friends fighting crime as queer superheroes getting their strength and powers from their cultural heritage.

TERMINATOR X DYNASTY, released earlier this pride month, marks the beginning of a collection of 6 short art segments, 6 ways to die. The single and the project explore physical and psychological pain and power dynamics. The title refers to the strength you are forced to gain navigating life as a gay person,

Apart from Polartropica, Ihui Cherise Wu also founded and runs the platform Squidtropica with her girlfriend, the artist Lauren YS. Squidtropica showcases worldwide art from queer BIPOC Artists, provides microgrants, and organizes community events of all sorts.

Stream TERMINATOR X DYNASTY on your favorite platform and scroll down to discover some of Polatropica’s videos!


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