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July 7, 2023
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Uncovering What’s Next for The Rose

A new song and a major shift in the Montreux Jazz Festival’s history as The Rose, the South Korean indie-rock band, became the first-ever Korean band to perform on stage. Facing a huge crowd of young fans coming from all across Switzerland, The Rose performed their latest album HEAL in an electrifying atmosphere.

The Rose had the audience in the palm of their hands with a performance that didn’t lack catchy pop overtones. Being on their HEAL tour for quite some time, the band was excited to connect with the Swiss audience with their more emotional songs like See-Saw and Sour. Each song from the HEAL’s album is infused with the band members Kim Woo-sung, Park Do-joon, Lee Ha-joon, and Lee Jae-hyeong’s personal stories, created following a 4 years-long hiatus.

“The HEAL project and the tour were a very big helped for me” recalls Hajoon, the band’s drummer, when asked about the past few months. As the title implies, HEAL is an album of self-growth and care, with a soft aesthetic but whose songs are not lacking in thorns. Instrumental and reflective, each title voices the band members’ memories and aspirations. Thought for live performance, the album also recollects their journey as a band after six years since their debut.

Despite the presumed tiredness of traveling across the world to perform in festivals on several continents, the band’s infectious energy took over, and the venue glowed with lightsticks and vibrated with fans’ shouts. The Black Roses, the nickname given to the band's fans, were also treated with a surprise: a brand new song. As Kim Woo-sung revealed it, introducing the debut single from their upcoming album, "Back to Me." This track embodies the essence of indie rock, with its blend of lively tempos and a mesmerizing combination of drums and electric guitar that create a captivating sound. Their unique vocals take center stage, starting the song with a powerful delivery of the pre-chorus, followed by the heartfelt first verse. Through the lyrics, they pour their emotions, reflecting on the aftermath of a breakup, and you can feel the tinge of pain in their inflection. But fear not, as the chorus is so infectious that you can't help but chant along to it, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Images courtesy of Emilien Itim


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