SIKSA feminist punk band
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Sexual Violence
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August 25, 2021
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SIKSA, the Underground Feminist Punk Band from Poland

⁠Comprised of singer Alex Freiheit and bassist Buri, this badass duo speaks out against patriarchy through their music. Their 2020 album and film, ‘REVENGE ON THE ENEMY’ (ZEMSTA NA WROGA), is an outcry about rape and violence against women.⁠

‘Siksa’ is a derogatory term to call a young girl in Polish, meaning stupid, immature, childish. Alex and Buri decided to reclaim the word and create a stage character, a ‘heroine of everyday life’, who might annoy some but, at least, she gets to tell her own story. ⁠

Based in their hometown, Gniezno, the duo organizes events, workshops and concerts in support of feminism and the LGBTQIA+ community. Their goal is to uplift the people through simple actions: ‘No more heroes, no more romanticism, no more monuments. Simple things to the people. To empowerment” says Alex.

Discover ‘REVENGE ON THE ENEMY’ on their YouTube channel!

Photo credits: Toni Ferenc


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