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August 11, 2022
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Dj Mell G is one of our favorites right now and we’ll tell you why

Imagine being all sweaty and dancing in a club, and all of a sudden the meanest beat you've ever heard. You're being transported to another dimension, that's what DJ Mell G does for you.
The Hamburg-based musician is a newcomer to Germany's DJ scene but has already won over many fans. Her hot electro and bouncy beats are refreshing and alluring in today’s electronic music landscape.
Over the past two years, she has made herself known by launching bangers one after another and offering a very personal approach to sound.
Starting off with YouTube tutorials and a cracked version of Ableton, Mell G quickly hit the scene. First mixing trap, she then migrated to electro production only, inspired by her German DJ colleagues.
Thanks to more time during the lockdown, she started releasing her first songs in 2020, people shared and loved. She was then featured on Hör, which provided her with a larger platform. Since then, she has amassed a real fanbase and has been producing ever since.
The dubbed ghettotech queen delivers energy with her bass trap and hiphop-inspired beats. Her sound is bouncy and dynamic, it kicks, and the whole is embellished by a touch of booty bass. A style very true to her and which she developed in her own musical production and label: Juicy Gang Records.
The young artist has no fear of establishing her opinions, be they musical or political.She looks at music through a deeply political and musical lens. Attempts to give credit to artists, it is owed to and avoids sexist lyrics and offensive lines. Her music aims at creating a safe space and makes apolitical declaration while playing in clubs.
She’s headlining festivals throughout this whole summer, grab a ticket to see her if you can.
And in the meanwhile, we are impatiently waiting for her next release!


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