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November 23, 2021
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Rubby’s 'Confiesa' Is The Genderless Love Song We Were Waiting For

Look, love is cool. Love songs? Even better! You get to live the beauty of it without the pain. But a genderless love song? A dream came true!

Rubby is a queer Dominican singer who got tired of gender norms in the music industry. Growing up with a percussionist dad, music has been an inherent part of his universe ever since he was little. And so does his looks; Rubby has always embraced his feminine side, breaking up with toxic masculinity representations.

So, of course, if you mix the two together, shake it up a little, you get an incredible song like ‘Confiesa’, about a queer love story. ‘Confiesa’ is about longing, desire, and questioning: does the person I like actually likes me back? A question queer people are awfully familiar with, but that straight cis men should ask themselves more, in our humble opinion.

But the song is not only about queer people and addressed to a person whose gender is never even mentioned; it is also about latinx queer people, who they can be, and the representation they should get (Remezcla, 2017). Rubby draws from his Dominican heritage, mixing RnB sounds and dembow riddim with electronic touches and reggaeton drums, perfectly accompanied by his soft and sensual voice.

If you are looking for a hot, new song to put in your playlist, look no more. Rubby’s song is catchy as hell and it makes us want to put on our best bad bitch outfit and maybe learn pole dance to give this song the choreography it deserves.

Enough talk, time to watch: the video clip, directed by Rubby himself is available just down below!


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