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Shh… Diam!
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September 1, 2021
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Shh… Diam!: When Punk Rock Meets Queers

The queer rock band from Malaysia whose name translates to 'Shut up!' plays a mix of punk, metal and jazz accompanied by witty lyrics about the LGBTQIA+ experience.⁠ ‘I Woke Up Gay’ and ‘Lonely Lesbian’ are amongst our favorites!

Shh… Diam! was formed at a pool party many moons ago. Although the four-member group did not set out to be an LGBTQIA+ band, they inadvertently became one, due to their country discriminatory laws. Indeed, in Malaysia, same-sex relations are illegal under Islamic laws and punishments range from beating to jail time. ⁠

You can listen to Shh...Diam! Kawtim Compilation Against Brutality and Misconduct Vol. 1 just down below!

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