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November 23, 2023
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Natural Habitat, The Perfect Late Night Drive Track By 070 Shake

If you scrolled on TikTok in early 2023, you probably heard 070 Shake’s voice already, as she was featured on Raye’s viral song “Escapism”, which went kinda viral at the time. You could also have heard her song "Glitter” featured on the Netflix show "On My Block” in the opening scene of season 2. 

But who’s 070 Shaks, aka Danielle Balbuena ? 

Born in New Jersey in 1997, she grows up singing in her local church’s choir, where she perfects her vocal technique and love for music. She writes poetry, and quickly begins to put her words on tracks, posting her creations on SoundCloud, where she gained an important following and thousands and thousands of streams. 

She quickly attracts the attention of talent manager YesJulz, who signs her and becomes her manager. Working with people from the music industry, but most importantly the 070 Collective of which she’s a part of, 070 Shake multiplies projects and  is finally signed by controversial rapper Kanye West on his label GOOD Music. She’s featured on the rapper’s album Ye on the track" Ghost Town", which really puts her under the spotlights of the mainstream music scene. 

Now, with 2 albums, 2 EPs, and multiple singles and featurings, 070 Shake’s style is becoming more and more affirmed and recognisable. Her signature androgynous voice is most of the time accompanied by a deep base track, with lots of voice layers, synths, and depth. 

Her last single, "Natural Habitat" (feat.Ken Carson), perfectly embodies her uniqueness. Starting with a choir of Shake’s own voice, we can guess that the track is heavily influenced by Gospel and religious songs, giving the intro a dramatic eerie feeling. As she begins the verse, a deep and strong electronic base and add-lips get added to the song, making it the perfect dramatic night highway driving song, especially if you like to feel like you’re in a dramatic movie escaping the villains (Which I do, and I am not ashamed. Romanticise your life!)

As of now, we can suspect 070 Shake is preparing her next album, though no release date has been announced yet! For the time being, stream her new single Natural Habitat and get lost in her hypnotic voice! I promise it’s worth it! 

Photos by James Brodribb

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