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November 30, 2022
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Jgrrey, authentic artistry in music

The UK-based artist juggles between sultry vocals and deep lyrics, thus, in a perfectly balanced way. A name to know when it comes to nowadays r&b/soul landscape.

JGrrey, is a staple in the UK alternative R&B scene, blending nostalgia with energetic beats and rhymes. Her music varies from pop to R&B or even jazzy undertones at times; everyone has something to love in her sound. A sound embellished by a raw and honey-like voice, a true delight.

The young artist is establishing herself in the English musical scene and has collaborated with many local artists through the years. From single to single, she has been making waves for years- all with her unique style and approach.

And has thus, through the years, amassed a loyal following. Her songs go from nostalgic to energetic and upbeat, all with vocal intensity and the strength of lyrics. Sometimes in a more chill vibe and, others more dancy. A versatility that truly marks her strength and originality.

Her most recent project is a single, "done talkin," featuring Toddla T, A bop around emotions in a relationship and cutting ties. An ode to feeling free and fulfilled by yourself journey - Nobody does it better than yourself. Self-love during 2.45", all in a joyous and enchanting musical pattern. What is there to want more?

JGrrey-an artist that, throughout the years, has surprised many and amassed a passionate and devoted following. A Uk reference you'd surely want to have, and if not, do yourself a favor and give her work a listen!

Photographic courtesy goes to Leanda Heler and Hunger Magazine


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