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Grace Semler Baldridge
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November 2, 2021
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Here Is To The Late Bloomers: Semler’s Message Of Love

It can be difficult to find out who you are in our heteronormative world. But it is never too late to bloom, Semler is here to remind us of that.

Grace Semler Baldridge is a queer and non-binary American musician and media host. They have regularly been a host of The Young Turks, a YouTube news commentary show covering various social topics. They have also created and hosted a YouTube series, called ‘Murder With Friends’, which has received really positive critics. They also have their own podcasts, ‘Under Our Roof’, in collaboration with their wife. The podcast covers every topic discussed at home, from dogs to conspiracy theories.

On top of that, they also make music under the name Semler. This allows people to experience their music from a gender-neutral viewpoint, rather than assuming their gender based on their first name. They released their first EP, ‘Preacher’s Kid’, in which they talk about being a queer Christian in February 2021. The album was recorded entirely from home with a USB microphone. The EP tells how difficult, and sometimes funny, and often angsty, it can be to find your path between faith and sexuality.

And if this topic interests you, we highly suggest that you check out one of the songs of their latest EP, ‘Late Bloomer’. The eponymous single talks about struggle, but mostly about finding who you are and being able to thrive. Or, in Semler’s own words:

‘I’m just a late bloomer
I couldn’t get here sooner
I’m just a late bloomer
Feels like I barely grew up
Baby bloom’

Listen to the song right down below and let yourself be transported by Semler’s hopeful lyrics!


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