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December 17, 2021
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Sailorfag: Non-Binary Icon and Talented Mexican Rapper

It is Friday night and we do not know about you, but we cannot wait to go out and dance a little. So here is our recommendation for songs to get you ready for a queer party: the iconic Sailorfag.

Sailorfag is a Mexico born and raised artist, rapper and social media influencer. They are highly interested in fashion and, more particularly, streetwear. They are actually pursuing a degree in fashion designing!

Because, no, music was not their original plan. They kind of stumbled into it upon uploading home-recorded rap songs on Twitter and, after seeing the positive responses, decided why the heck not? (Remezcla, July 2018) So, yes, they are one of those people who can really do it all and whom we admire from afar, wishing to become one of the cool kids too one day - or not, you know, embrace yourself and go with the flow. Only you can know what feels good for you.

What to say about their music? They started out in the rap scene, but quickly moved towards reggaeton, with heavy influences from emerging women in reggaeton. You can hear it quite distinctly in their songs rhythms, actually, which are now more catchy and bouncy, mixing rap, trap and reggaeton. A delight for the ears!

In their songs, they address topics of toxic masculinity, homophobia, toxic relationships and other important, queer-related issues. Also, they do use inclusive language in everyday life, as well as in their songs, and it just fills our hearts with joy!

Although critics have claimed that their music is a joke (and we have already told you how we feel about these critics in our article on Aya Nakamura, so we will not elaborate more here), Sailorfag has been pretty successful, to say the least. They have performed at Los Angeles’ Queer Biennal, at the Los Angeles’ Pride and have also opened for Adore Delano (yes, from RuPaul’s Drag Race) and emerging neo-perrero star, Ms Nina, in Mexico City (Remezcla, July 2018).

And remember how we said they are a social media influencer? Well, on top of a state of the art Instagram account, they also have a lifestyle YouTube channel, called ‘Sailorfag’, where they give makeup tips and tell you scary stories! If you speak Spanish, do not hesitate to have a look at that too. And, of course, click down below to discover some of their songs!


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