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November 9, 2021
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Paloven Is Bringing Dark Snyth-Pop Back To The Queer Scene

You thought nothing queer was created in Eastern Europe? That could not be further from the truth! So, just for you, here is one of the many and wonderful queer projects Eastern Europe has to offer.

Kirill Potapkin, mostly known as Paloven, is a Kyiv-based producer and musician who has decided to express himself through the glossy textures of retro-futuristic synth pop. His music is especially influenced by ‘FM synthesis, velvety pads, thunderous baselines, and infectious vocal hooks’ (The New East Is Queer, 2020).

Paloven’s goal is to turn the darkness that can come with queer experiences into something beautiful. Indeed, music helps him to assert himself in his queerness. And we are glad that he is not the only one:

'I believe queer culture is seeing a renaissance in Kyiv, with more queer spaces emerging every year. Queer artists are given a platform to share their art and stories, and people are willing to listen and educate themselves on pressing topics of gender and sexual identity.' (Paloven, The New East Is Queer, 2020)

So if underground queer culture, synths, party lifestyle, darkness, danger and David Lynch are topics that speak to you, do not hesitate: stream his music now! Although, we just would like to add TW for drug use and suicide. Stay safe, kids!

Photo credits: Mark Katantsev


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