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Ian Isiah
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August 10, 2022
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Ian isiah is a versatile artist filled with surprises

Ian Isiah otherwise known as "Shugga" is a character of his own. Choir and gospel influences mixed with and eclectic style and visuals: he is a cocktail. And we love it, his aesthetic is licked his art exquisite and his aura screams “unapologetically true to self”.
The young artist Brooklyn born and based is a musician and director. Heavily inspired by faith and queer African American culture, he grew up surrounded by the church. His deep love and connection to music was in his blood from the get-go.
Offering extra, sexual, and delicate all at the same time, he pushes pro black narratives and is taking a special place in today’s sultry R&B milieu. By exploring themes such as faith and sexuality the singer offers a unique perspective in the music scene. A dichotomy which really shakes his traditional and faith-based education. He stands for the new wave of activism whether it be with his support to different POC and queer donation funds, or the deconstruction he stands for trough his art and expression.
He is a versatile artist who has continually reinvented himself musically and visually. Not only is Isiah very open and playful with is image but has also created his alter ego: Shugga. She represents all his female role models, people deeply ingrained in his DNA. He pushes the boundaries while having a profound respect for his predecessors. The artist succeeds in being a perfect mixture of new and old generations.
 By simply existing and incarnating black excellence, the polyvalent Ian Isiah is setting an example of how fearless expression and humility can coexist. He is a real source of inspiration, and we are really excited about his future artistic work, whether as a director or musician, or both!


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