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Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. When you work alone, you can get stuck or procrastinate indefinitely. Don't you have a few friends who have been talking for years about opening a bookstore-café or a website to show their artwork?

Whether you are at the idea stage or have already launched your project and are in the development phase, with BØWIE, you will never be alone. You will work with other queer and feminist project teams, connect with our Alumni·æ, Experts, and Role Models who were standing exactly where you stand today. Always find the support, inspiration, and this extra motivation boost you need from your BØWIE community. Join BØWIE and get access to the home of queer and feminist creators, to learn, connect and grow together.

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An online community of creators shaking up the status quo

The BØWIE Community platform is our members’ home: it’s both a resource center and a private safe-space to engage with other creators.

What you get

BØWIE [ˈbəʊi] stands for Bold, Øpen, Wild, Innovative and Empowering. Those are the values we are looking for in each of the projects we support. Not quite there yet? Don't worry, our mission is to help you achieve those goals with our incubator.


Connect with other queer and feminist creators from all around the world


Learn from hours of experts’ replays, templates, tools & tutorials


Get invited to special events, create collabs and promote your events


Get your project featured on our website and in the media


Every year in May, you can apply to our 6-month guided programme
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BØWIE is for all creators

Change comes in many ways. Because gender is transversal to everything in our lives, we support creators from all fields. We need YOU to launch your project, in areas that you feel are not being covered enough and on subjects that you know are not being discussed enough. At BØWIE, we’re here to support you no matter if you identify as an entrepreneur, an activist, an artist, an intrapreneur or just as yourself. We’ll give you tools for every use case and connect you with creators from similar industries who you’ll be able to identify with.


Launch or grow your startup, social business, SME, nonprofit and more


Launch or grow your collective, nonprofit, NGO, personal initiative and more


Launch or grow your artistic project and thrive as a photographer, writer, painter, performance artist and more


Create change in your organization

You :)

You’ve got a project but don’t recognize yourself in any of the other categories? Don’t worry, you’re still right where you’re supposed to be!

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