Tracy De Sa joyful french and indian feminist french rap artist
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Tracy De Sà
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August 19, 2022
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Fall in love with Tracy De Sa's music and thank us later

Do you want contagious energy and an unparalleled flow? Well, get to know Tracy De Sa's music that will take you to her world and you, won’t want to leave it anytime soon.
In an environment like rap, mainly male, Tracy De Sa comes and takes her spot and won’t apologize at all. And for good reason, the young rapper embodies authenticity, and the spirit of rap to perfection. Her universe is offbeat, strong in messages while being ultra-colorful. The artist makes a real proposal, and we love to love it!
Of Indian origin, the artist lived in Portugal then Spain, and finally settled in France.Eternal lover of hip hop she begins by paying tribute to it through dance and then started to write.
In her lyrics, she pours out all her feelings of injustice. Addresses taboo topics such as sexuality, the position of women in society and shouts out loud her joy and pride of being a one. Her words and songs are powerful and are hymns of self-acceptance and empowerment. She removes any feeling of shame and presents herself to her audience as complete and without embarrassment as possible. 
Especially as a racialized woman, she has said herself to have been diminishing or hiding herself sometimes. Her narrative has systematically been devalued and almost invisibilized. To make up for this experience she proposes «Pussy Talks», a series of interviews that highlight and give a platform to women from all over the world. A way to restore a space and a point of view of communities too little heard. It is clearly an incredible idea to give back the narrative and pass one’s message without embarrassment and in a safe space.
If you want a dose of good rap, enter a universe full of punch and originality, well you have your answer. Come on, give it a stream!


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