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September 29, 2021
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RoxXxan, The Tomboy Rapper Challenging Music Industry Standards

RoxXxan is a force the music industry has to reckon with.

This Birmingham-raised rapper first started behind the scenes, as an intern in a record label. Soon enough, however, she found herself right under the spotlight.

But RoxXxan's career has not been a straight (pun intended) path. It has taken her some time to realize why she felt like she did not belong, and why she did not want to be as feminine as her parents pushed her too. RoxXxan is a tomboy and she wants to bring that to the music industry. She wants to open the field to masculine women, who still put on makeup or use things traditionally perceived as feminine.

‘I want to challenge the idea that if you’re not Kim K, you’re not beautiful’, she adds.

RoxXxan also wants to be a beacon to help those who cannot find themselves - something she felt she lacked in her childhood.

‘If I had just had one example it wouldn’t have taken me this long to figure out who I am and what I stand for.’ (INews, 2020)

The rapper is as straight forward in her everyday life as in her music. ‘I don’t change, I don’t act’, she raps in ‘Crud’. Well, RoxXxan, please do not change - we love you exactly the way you are.

You can have a taste of her music just down below!


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