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Anahi Sebastian
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November 3, 2021
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Discover Mercado de Brujas’ eerie and captivating songs

‘Es una diosa, reina de la oscuridad, con su rugido, te hará temblar...’

Anahi Sebastian is here to enchant you with her slow and mystic rhythms. Her stage name, Mercado de Brujas, tells it all: it is inspired by the enigmatic ‘Witches’ Market’ in La Paz, Bolivia. Anahi’s music explores Latin-American rhythms, Andean sounds, electronic textures, psychedelic chicha and alt-rock. A wonderful cocktail that produces eerie, beautiful and transporting songs.

As a queer, trans and latinx woman, Anahi uses her music to explore and assert her identity. This aspect is very important for the Geneva-based artist, as she fights for trans visibility and reclaiming space for trans people. Her goal? To be able to be herself, entirely herself and every color of herself. And, judging by her songs, we think she does it superbly.

She writes, composes, sings and produces all of her songs on her own. Pretty impressive, right? So what are you waiting for? Play her songs already!


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