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July 4, 2022
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Belgium rising star Pierre de Maere

Performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival Saturday, Belgium artist Pierre de Maere surprised us with his strong stage presence and catchy songs. Looking straight out of a Gucci Men's Fall/Winter 2015-16 Runway Show, the young singer seems to have a promising career ahead.
“I sing mainly for moms and a couple of gays” said Pierre de Maere, examining the audience through his 70s-style sunglasses. At the venue indeed, forty-somethings rub shoulders with young people covered in glitters. The audience warmly welcomed the 21-years-old singer who opened for Years & Years, after being chosen this year as a Spotlight artist by the festival.
Born in the Belgium capital, Pierre de Maere grew up in the small village of Walhain, North-East of Bruxelles. He started making music around 10, sang in broken English and mixed with GarageBand. Used as a form of escapism from the boredom of the countryside life, music progressively became a part of his life, learning drums and music theory. At 14, he suddenly became interested in fashion photography. He pursued this branch after high school but had a stroke of luck at the beginning of the pandemic: The first song he did in french, “Potins absurdes” (Absurd gossip) was spotted by his current artistic director, giving him a chance to sign with the “Cinq7” label. Fashion kept being a part of his life, incorporated into his artistic vision.
With eclectic musical references, from classic french artists like Balavoine, France Gall, and Françoise Hardy to legendary rock bands like Pink Floyd and Supertramp, Pierre de Marre embodies a revival of the 70s, with a modern twist.
His first EP, “Un jour je” (One day I) was released at the beginning of this year. An incomplete sentence echoing with numerous others: The title of one of his songs, “Un jour je marierai un ange” (One day I will marry an angel), but also one of his mottos:  "One day I will be a superstar", a sentence that can be found in “Menteur” (Liar) and that clearly made his brand. With an album coming later this year, Pierre de Maere is an artist to look out for. Listen to “Un jour je” on your favorite streaming platform!

Pictures © FFJM 2022 Emilien Itim⁠


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