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October 16, 2022
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LSDXOXO, the dose of saucy beats we needed

You're in a club dancing your ass off, sweating like never before, feeling yourself, and being the sexiest you've been for some time. What do you hear? LSDXOXO tracks are blasting through the speakers, and the mood is at its raunchiest.

LSDXOXO is berlin based producer, DJ, and recording artist. For a decade now, he has been delivering sensual visual and musical experimentations and has made himself a name, more recently, so by featuring his vocals in his pieces. His collaborations and work are impressive, as he has collaborated with many artists, such as Lady Gaga, Cakes da Killa, Bbymutha, Kelela, Shygirl, and UNiiQU3.

As a POC/queer entity in this predominantly white business, he makes himself known and very unapologetically so - vulgar lyrics, big beats, and a very confident stance. He claims his spot by being authentic and raw. That's what is charming and amassing his cult-like following. 

What defines his work is a genre-less style, a more fluid approach. Growing up, he fell in love with opposite musical styles; you can grasp that diversity with his sound.
Nowadays, it's defined by clean-cut beats overlaying pop influences and samples while referencing the queer black experience. A sweet mix of Baltimore club, ghetto house, hardcore, and techno. A dash of freshness in a nightlife scene eager to categorize everything and stay in its trenches.

The shows are visually poignant and full of vitality; not your typical set - Oh no, it's way more than that, and one cannot reduce the musician to his DJ role - a true shapeshifter when it comes to his performances. And he has as well, recently been offering a more instrumental and live show. 

A young musician not afraid to freshen things up and reinvent themselves. All that while fighting for a place in the club scene, for queer black people to exist, starting conversations, and opening things up. We look forward to witnessing what his following projects are; in any case, give it a listen! 

Photography courtesy of Matt Lambert 

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