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March 22, 2022
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Queer electronics: time to dance on Rui Ho’s new EP

Since the late 2010s, hyper pop has been the number one scene for queer and especially trans people to express themselves and expand musical horizons. From SOPHIE to Arca or Dorian Electra, trans-inclusivity is hyper pop’s framework. Rui-Ho evolves in this genre niche and brings her twist to it. Discover the Chinese singer and producer that will for sure make you dance.

Rui Ho is a trans and non-binary music producer, singer, and songwriter based in Shangai, China. First active in Berlin electronic music scene, she rapidly stood out with her incorporation of traditional Chinese sounds in classic modern club music. Drawing a lot of her inspiration from the internet, each of her albums marks a new stage of her life, reinventing herself and her music in the process.

Her first EP, 戰記, was a reflection of the internal conflict she suffered when moving from the Paris ballroom scene to Berlin techno haven. 'Becoming is an Eventful Situation' was calmer and more introspective. It marks the beginning of her transition, coming together and opening up to people. In 'Pursuit of the Sun', clubbing is the main goal: it was all about sharing energy with people through music. Their last album, Lov3 & L1ght, was more political: it mixed hyper pop with experimental music to tackle identity politics. As Rui Ho wanted to tell a story, she sprinkled a little pop and wrote straightforward lyrics to be more accessible. Transgender love was at its core, online or IRL.

Covid-19 impacted Rui Ho considerably right after Lov3 & L1ght was released: she left Berlin for Shanghai, where she is has been based in the last two years. The music scene is very different between the two cities, making Rui Ho adapt and evolve. While in Berlin people mostly focus on their projects, the market logic rules over the Chinese music industry. As electronic music is less known in China, Rui Ho expanded her musical range and has been experimenting with pop and R&B.

This evolution is visible in her new EP, Tension, released a couple of days ago. It marks a return to more danceable songs, with a bold and straightforward expression. As the title hints, the EP explores the tension in the interaction between people, and the special meaning it holds for transgender people. Newly experimenting with rap, Rui Ho doesn’t want to be framed in one style of music. She also plans on moving closer to the public stage, seeing the limits of the independent scene. Their constant evolution is promising, and her new EP is definitely worth a listening session. The official music video for 'Be mine^, our favorite track of the EP, just got released. Scroll down to discover it, and check out her discography on your favorite streaming platform. Surely one of the songs will be perfect to liven up your next queer party!


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