A-Wa Israeli singers
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August 18, 2021
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A-Wa, the Israeli sisters who made top of the hit charts

You thought Yemeni folk songs wouldn’t slap? You thought wrong! Tair, Liron and Tagel are 3 sisters from Israel, who formed the band A-Wal in 2015. Their music is something you have never heard before: they combine old Yemeni folk songs with electronic sounds and hip-hop beats.

The sisters are connecting the past and the future through their music, and tell stories about immigration, love and life. ⁠

A-Wa are continuing their Yemeni grandmother’s legacy. She belongs to a generation of women who did not have access to education and only had songs to express themselves. “They were brave and daring. Everything they couldn’t tell the men, they would put in these songs.”

We have been huge fans of A-Wa ever since their hit single ‘Habib Galbi’. It was the first ever song in Arabic to hit No. 1 on the Israeli pop charts. One lucky Bowie Creators team member even had the chance to see them live. That was one unforgettable night full of dancing and singing!

Photo credits: Vogue⁠


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