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January 10, 2022
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Meet The Digital Artist Crushing Up Popular Beliefs On Strip Clubs

Here, we support sex workers and the category includes strippers and dancers. A job that often gets misrepresented in the media and about which most people hold misconceived and wrong assumptions. Today is about clearing that up.

Exotic Cancer (IG name) is a digital artist and dancer from Australia. Drawing during the week and stripping on the weekend, she has decided to lead her life the way she wants to and she is not letting anyone get in her way.

Her art is inspired by her dancing experience and we love it. Her book, ‘Shit men say in strip clubs’? A masterpiece. It is incredibly funny, while depicting the harsh truth of what happens in strip clubs - people show a side of themselves you do not get to see that often.

From men fetishizing strippers to seeing them as pieces of meat, or as a substitute mothers, everyone gets represented in this funny and insightful collection of small comics. PS: the book also addresses the issue of women glorifying stripping, so everyone gets called for their inappropriate attitude towards strippers.

On top of this, Exotic Cancer’s art is an incredibly complete and useful resource on how to behave at strip clubs and around strippers. Because this job is surrounded by taboos in our societies and strippers are deemed as lesser human beings for some reasons, people often behave inappropriately - wrongly thinking that if you pay someone for a service, and especially in relation to sex, this person somehow belongs to you. If you do not want to be an a**, browse her account. Even if you do not plan on going to a strip club - we all gain from people treating other people better!

Another great point of her drawings, in our humble opinion, is that people have hairs - on legs, arms, and armpits. It might not seem like much, but honestly it is so refreshing to see someone not trying to erase this aspect of bodies’ reality.

Informative, funny, realistic art in pink, purple and blue? Sign us up anytime! Plus, you can also purchase some of her merch, from t-shirts to socks or phone accessories, you name it. And we can tell you, from personal experience, that her socks are great - beautiful and comfy, you are sure to be the life of the party when you wear them. Go check her merch, you will not regret it!

Browse down below for a sneak peek of the ‘Shit men say in strip clubs’ book!

PS: Due to Instagram unfamous censorship, some of her more ‘explicit’ is banned from this social media, but you can find it on her Patreon if you are (like us) a curious cat.

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