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August 23, 2021
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On What Being a Man Means: Why Jérémy Frerot’s New Single is So Important

What does it mean to be a man? That is the question French singer Jérémy Frerot addresses in his hit single ‘Un homme’.

The result is not only incredibly catchy, it is also a deep and honest reflection on the expectations society puts on men. Jérémy also sings about feeling lost as a result of these pressures.

It is still quite rare to see a heterosexual cis man tackle this subject, so the fact that this single exists is inspiring and encouraging. As Jérémy said in an interview: ‘Showing that men are asking themselves questions, at least I do, shows that we want to redefine the norms. We can also be part of this fight. Everyone must come together to fight for a common goal’.

Toxic masculinity results in violence, which, in turn, often leads to homophobic agression and feminicides. Having men question the concept of masculinity is a very important step towards fighting against sexist and homophobic violences. We can only hope Jérémy’s single will open the way to a global discussion on masculinity amongst men.

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