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Sasami Ashworth
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August 20, 2021
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Sasami Ashworth, the Multi-instrumentalist Queer Singer You Need to Listen to

Meet Sasami Ashworth, the queer singer, musician and songwriter who enchanted our ears. Her bittersweet tunes and soft voice carry you away effortlessly.

As a child, Sasami played the French horn (note: we do think that it is one of the sexiest instruments known to humanity). According to her, it is proof that she has always been a ‘weirdo’ who did not care for the ‘basic bitch instruments’. Today, she is a multi-instrumentalist artist who plays indie rock, with some shoegaze influence and lots of dreaminess.⁠ ⁠

The LA-based singer-songwriter played synths in her former band, Cherry Glazerr, until 2018, when she embarked on her solo journey. In addition to being an incredibly talented musician and live performer, she has also composed film scores, taught music to children, and produced other artists.

Being a queer woman is a big part of her life and it is reflected in her work philosophy. It is very important for her to uplift, invite and tour with women, people of color, and queer musicians.

Photo credits: Mary Mathis⁠

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