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October 2, 2023
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ELOI: Hyperpop, Hyperfun, Hyper Hyped!

Eloi stormed onto the music scene in December 2020 with her debut EP, "Acedia". She then released she released "Pyrale" in May of 2022. With a unique blend of Hyperpop, Gabber, and experimentation Eloi's first album, "Dernier Orage," out on October 27th, promises a fresh start and a turning point in her musical journey.

Eloi burst onto the music scene in December 2020 with her debut EP, Acedia. Melding minimal wave and 80s German pop influences, this solo project was a cathartic journey through her emotions with tracks like Flamme or Divorce and Mauvais Sang. In May 2022, Eloi released her second EP, Pyrale, on the Nadsat label, which includes a Eurodance cover of Wejdene's "Jtm de ouf." Her lyrical prowess and production skills have earned her recognition, and her stage presence leaves audiences spellbound.

Expertly mixing Hyperpop and Gabber with a healthy dose of rock, her unique way of producing songs make her music instantly recognizable. Nonetheless, her precise use of singing, mixing and producing is not an excuse for her to stop experimenting and having fun. For instance the track « On fait du Rock » is the result of an improvised jam with her friend and guitarist Mia Mongiello, and is an absolute banger.

Now, with a serie of very successful concerts and festivals during the summer, Eloi’s popularity is growing and growing, so much that her first album is one of the most awaited for this fall. Set to be released on the 27th of October, « Dernier Orage » aims to be a melting pot of everything that made ELOI up until now, from the big changes in her life to her steady friendships and more. The 14 tracks long album is also the promise of a fresh start. Bringing together all of these elements, ELOI wishes for « Dernier Orage » to be a turning point in her musical journey, and for it to be a clean sweep over the past.

« Dernier Orage » is set to be released on October 27th 2023!


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