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September 18, 2021
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Sieski’s New Single Has Us Wanting To Meet Our Own Lady Deity

Picture this: you are at a party and you see another woman across the room.

You are staring a little. She turns her eyes towards you. Oh no, look away, quick. Did she see you? Is she still looking? Maybe… let us take one more sneaky glance and…. Yep, now you are both staring at each other. Well, singer, songwriter and musician Sieski just captured that whole experience in a song.

Toronto based artist Sieski has released her first solo EP ‘Dreamist’ in 2019 and she is coming up strong with her new release. Her music is known for its tidal feel, recalling the sea coming and going, her songs flooding your mind - her stage name (pronounced See-Ess-Key) even contains the word ‘sea’.

Her new single, ‘Lady Deity’, captures every deliciously slow and devotional stage of a wlw flirtation. Think ‘their eyes met across a crowded room’, but better!

According to Sieski, ‘there is a need for more queer-femme representation. Honouring the side of myself that was—and sometimes still is—unseen, ‘Lady Deity’ celebrates queer visibility, femininity and desire through a queer-femme lens.’

So play the song (it is available just down below), go to a crowded room and find someone who you can lock eyes with for a little!


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