About feminist porn

Pornography has been a heated debate among feminists, since the gender equality movement began. Although the advocacy for female sexuality was growing, there were still deep concerns around a world of mainstream pornography, including the male gaze, trivializing violence against women, sexual objectification as well as the work conditions of the performers. It also contributes to a culture of poor or biased sexual education, as for some, pornography is their main way of understanding how sex works.

The rise of feminist pornography is characterized by embracing sex positivity, particularly for women. By doing so, it aims to emphasize women’s pleasure during intercourse, safe labor practices, more diverse representation of bodies experiencing consensual pleasure while bettering public sexual education. The movement is growing as women’s consumption of pornography is as well; there is real a need for contrast to the mainstream male script.

Why gender neutral sex toys matter

Representation matters in sexual pleasure as well! Feeling good about yourself and your body is key to a healthy sex life. That is why gender neutral sex toys are important, because they take labels away from pleasure. Sex toys have a history of mimicking and naming themselves very overtly cisgender and heterosexual sex terms. The problem is: no sex act belongs solely to a specific set of genitals or sexual orientation. Thankfully, the increase in gender non-conforming devices by both feminist and queer creators is changing self-gratification for the better. Sex toys are now taking a variety of shapes, instead of being relegated to the classic phallus-centered imagery: they are becoming suitable to create the most amount of pleasure.

Inclusive sex education

Some have gotten full semesters’ worth, others a one hour unit. Some haven’t received sex-ed at all. However, adequate sexual education is a core aspect of healthy interpersonal relationships and best practices for sexual health. For those who have received a bit of sexual education, the overwhelming response is the lack of inclusive material to account for all types of sexual identities and sexual practices. Consent is usually a poorly discussed topic, despite sexual harassment being a continuously prevalent problem, and LGBTIQ+ youth find no representation in they are taught. Asking questions about typically queer aspects of sexuality also puts the student at risk of outing themselves, even if the question is led by curiosity. Advocacy and media coverage of this topic is promoting the cause of external organizations dedicated to bettering sexual education to include accurate information for all people and needs.

Social media and body positivity

As social media becomes an intricate part of our human relationships, our digital life does affect how we feel about ourselves. We’ve all experienced a variety of emotions when looking at someone else’s, seemingly perfect, life. When it comes to body image, social media fervently publicizes a standard of beauty that is already present everywhere: on the runways, in advertisement, in entertainment… it can be hard to see the positive in your own body when nothing seems to match the images you are fed.

That is why following body positivity activists can be so beneficial for the mind. They aim to deconstruct myths about beauty ideals, encourage people to take care of themselves physically and mentally, all while debunking the illusion of perfection of social media. Here’s some of our favorite body positivity activists here.

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