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October 24, 2022
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The poetic charm of Oete

A sweet blend of old and new French variety adorned by poetic plays and authentic feelings.

The singer Oete is a new name in the French variety but has everything of a charismatic performer. A singular deep, and nostalgic voice and haunting songs are characteristics that make the artist stand out in the French music scene. Whether it be his first tracks, HPV or La tête pleine that made his debut or his recently released album Armes et paillettes, his music is bound to seduce and enchant.

The young artist, a becoming icon of French pop, is the perfect blend of rock and roll, energy disco, and French variety. Abording subjects such as love, relationships, and solitude in all sincerity, always. A sweet blend between old and new references, often citing Barbara, Brel, or Bashung as inspiration. All while essentially being alternative.

His love for poetry and the scenic arts revealed a poetic and artistic approach. Intricate Feelings told in proses and movement. Instinctive choreography, a beautiful juggle of French vocabulary, and an uncanny presence. A Must-see.

His first album, Armes & Paillettes, is the perfect introduction to Oete’s universe. At times haunting and melancholic all at once, it offers a sound to dance and celebrate. It is precisely this ambivalence that makes him unique and mesmerizing. An actual show that makes you go through a roller coaster of emotions and memories. A very including experience as everyone can project and picture the depicted narratives. An immersive and freeing experience; you want to go through with him.  

He makes music to dance to and offers a licked aesthetic, retro chic, and flirty visuals. A modern poet with bowie-like energy at times. What is there not to love?

Sincerity and raw emotions served A la cool, a fascinating new name bound to seduce and make you dance!

Photographic credit goes to Oete, Christophe Crenel, Yann Orhan, Simon Vanrie and Sarah Dambielle

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