Timothée Joly emerging french alternative pop artist
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Timothée Joly
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December 7, 2022
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Timothée Joly : The future of pop music

If you still haven't heard of the Timothée Joly gem, get to it and enjoy a new universe of french alternative pop.

Timothée Joly is an emerging French pop artist. Although still small, he has amassed a loyal following throughout the years and delivered unique and personal visuals and sounds. 

With a start on SoundCloud, he soon got some attention and worked on more produced and licked projects, noticeably with his breakout EP INTERNATIONAL: 1 + 138. An experimental project very nostalgic but that managed to stay energetic and entraining. 

His lyrics are intimate and echo the singer's dreams, aspirations, and issues he faces throughout life. A vulnerable approach that achieves to be unique through its force de proposition. Musical innovations and experimentations are at the forefront of Joly's art- multiple references mixed to offer innovation.

Heart-wrenching topics approached in all modesty are also Joly's signature scent. With personal reflection and self-discovery at the center of powerful and catchy melodies. Emo-pop if someone had to describe the feeling it conveys and echoes. 

His uniqueness lies in the visual aspect, so much so that one has to wonder what comes first in the young artist's mind: Do the visuals inspire the track or vice versa? Anyways, a genuinely peculiar universe is offered through his music videos, thus elevating his sound even further. 

He is a conceptual artist and offers a world and experience with every release. He is transporting his audience into an aspect of his psyche and serving a fantasy-like experience.

What would there be more to want? 

Timothée Joly channels so many different genres in his creations that there would be something for everyone to like. An artist you'd surely want to keep in mind, as what he is offering is innovative and impressive at the level he is at. We at Bøwie hope to see this artist grow and flourish and look forward to seeing what's coming next for him!

Timothée Joly just released the Ultramondiale Amertume EP; give it a listen!

Images credit of Charlotte Abramow


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