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November 29, 2021
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Lous And The Yakuza’s Music Is Here To Save Your Mondays

If you have never heard of Lous And The Yakuza, now is the time to change that. Just scroll down below, to discover an amazing, talented, brilliant artist.

Lous And The Yakuza, born Marie-Pierra Kakoma, is Belgian and Congolese singer, rapper, songwriter, model, and artist. Yes, you can count her among these artists who can do pretty much anything.

Music has always been a part of Lous’ life, and she started composing at a very early age. She always knew she wanted to make a living out of her music. In fact, she was so sure about this, she left home as a young adult and ended up spending some time on the streets, or sleeping in music studios, to record her songs.

This dedication led her to release an impressive discography. She gained recognition and attention with her album ‘Gore’ in 2020, which has been a real success in the francophone scene. Her single ‘Dilemme’ from the album has been streamed around 30 million times on Spotify!

Lous’ music covers an impressive range of styles, with trap, afrobeat and electro pop roots, but it always sounds right. Right tone, right rhyme, right vibe. We must confess, we are obsessed with her voice - and her style.

She took the pseudonym ‘Lous’ because it is an acronym for ‘soul’; it is a very important aspect of music for her, and probably the best way to describe her songs. She puts her whole soul into it. Just as she does with her activism: she has been very much engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement, and she is working to put the spotlight back on black girls and women. And she is doing an amazing job at that!

Just when you would think she could not get any more perfect, turns out she recently came out as bi. Yes queen! Also, Lous has a very full, interesting and complicated life. So, she has released a documentary series called ‘Lous Plurielle’ to tell her story. And we can only recommend that you check it - because, who better than herself can tell her life’s story?

We have included one of her live shows, as well as the first episode of ‘Lous Plurielle’ just for you. Go watch it!


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