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Are you an Expert in your field, willing to share your specific skills with our creators’ community?

Are you an experienced queer or feminist entrepreneur willing to share your journey as a Role Model?

Are you a company, public institution or foundation willing to show your commitment to gender equality and LGBTIQ+ inclusion by becoming a BØWIE Sponsor?

Discover our three partnership opportunities:

Become a guest speaker

Your journey and experience as an entrepreneur can really make the journey of our participants much easier! This is your opportunity to share your story with queer and feminist entrepreneurs, activists and artists from all over the world. Join the BØWIE Community now!

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Become a sponsor

Our dream was to see BØWIE accessible to all. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to offer BØWIE at a discounted rate compared to its actual operational cost, as well as to offer full scholarships to participants who could not otherwise take part in the programme. Become a sponsor too!

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Meet our partners:

We are proud of being part of a vibrant ecosystem and couldn't do this without the support of our inspiring partners.


Book an intro call with Sandrine, our CEO, to discuss your contribution to BØWIE.

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