Queer Future

Mentoring programme in Visual Arts, Cinema and Crafts for young Swiss resident artists, students or self-taught individuals identifying as members of the queer community

3 Tracks, 1 Community
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Empowering Queer Voices, Shaping Artistic Futures.

Welcome to Queer Future, the BØWIE initiative dedicated to empowering and elevating young LGBTIQ+ artists under 25 years old residing in Switzerland.

Our mission is to support this generation of creative minds, offering them the resources, guidance, and platforms they need to flourish.

Join us in shaping a vibrant, inclusive future through the power of art. Select your track, and submit your application now!


Visual Arts Track

- 5 Months of Personalized Artistic Guidance (April-September 2024)
- Participation in Production Costs
- 1 Collective Art Exhibition
- Studio visits and more!

Imagine a world where your creativity knows no bounds. Our programme offers an exclusive 5-month mentorship in visual arts, including : Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, and Performance Art. Benefit from personalized artistic guidance, support in production costs, you will showcase your work in a collective art exhibition, studio visits, and more.

Embark on a journey to refine your artistic expression and express your unique voice.

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Cinema Track

- 5 Months of Mentorship and Workshops (June-October 2024)
- 1 Week Writing Residency (August 11-17, 2024)
- Attend an International Film Festival
- Pitch your script and meet with film professionals

Lights, Camera, Action! We invite aspiring screenwriters to explore the intricacies of storytelling. This programme includes a dedicated 5-month journey with workshops focusing on scriptwriting. Participants will enjoy a week-long writing residency this Summer, an opportunity to attend an international film festival, and the chance to pitch their scripts to industry professionals.

Unleash your narrative potential and start your cinematic journey with us.

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Crafts Track

- 5 Months of Personalized Artistic Guidance (April-September 2024)
- Participation in Production Costs
- 1 Collective Creators' Market
- Studio visits and more!

Craft your future with our "Crafts" mentorship programme. Spanning 5 months, this initiative is designed for artists specializing in Ceramics, Textiles, Jewelry, Pottery, or Glass. Enjoy personalized artistic guidance, financial support for production costs, participation in a collective art exhibition, and enriching studio visits.

Whether you mold, weave, forge, or shape, we're here to help you hone your craft and bring your artistic visions to life.

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