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February 20, 2024
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La Havi Serving F As Fuego And Activism On The Dancefloor

In the LGBTQ+ community, certain individuals stand out for their profound impact and inspirational journeys. Havi Sanchez, also known as La Havi or DJ Guapis, is one of these many figures. A DJ and activist, her story is a testament to resilience, talent, and an unwavering commitment to advocacy.

Born on the Pacific Coast and later moving to Mexico City, Havi has become an important figure for the transgender community, particularly through events like Trnsx where she featured her work as a DJ. Her journey, however, has been far from easy. Havi often faced rejection and difficulties throughout her life. Moments that marked the beginning of a lifelong battle against homophobia and transphobia.

Music has been Havi's sanctuary throughout her life. From composing melodies at the age of five to listening to darker tunes of Chopin during her school years, music offered a refuge from the cruelty of the world. Yet, it was not until her later years that she began to see music as a tool for empowerment rather than escape.

« In the years before my social and medical transition, I only sought to feel calm or disconnected through music, which is why, with what I heard, I was not seeking empowerment, but rather the opposite. At that time there were no references in my environment with which to identify myself. Trans adolescence and childhood live very complicated moments in spaces where they are repressed. » La Havi for Vogue Mexico

La Havi lived through the harsh realities that many transgender youth face and believe that a need for greater understanding and acceptance is primordial. The professional world, too, is not immune to discrimination, with societal expectations and prejudices often overshadowing talent and merit. Havi challenges these norms, advocating for the recognition of the creative and professional capacities of all individuals, regardless of gender identity.

« Trans women in Mexico continue to be burdened with social and behavioral expectations, which if they are not met, you receive punishment; (…) People need to stop thinking that our work is worth and means less because we belong to a certain population and understand that we all deserve the opportunity to be recognized for our work and creative capacity. Who and what things determine what is called talent? » La Havi for Vogue Mexico

As an activist, she points out the tokenism prevalent in Mexico, highlighting the lack of genuine opportunities for transgender individuals. This, coupled with unstable job prospects, makes it difficult for many to pursue their passions and talents fully.

« The models who have the opportunity or courage go to other first world countries to work and look for opportunities in the world of fashion because here (in Mexico) there is not much job offer for us and tokenism becomes very evident in pride month where Suddenly we are everywhere. Also, 90% of trans women in Mexico do not have stable jobs and this does not allow us to do collaborations or editorial shoots to nourish our book initially without putting our economy at risk. » La Havi for Vogue Mexico

As a DJ, she distinguishes herself through her approach to music selection and her commitment to showcasing LGBTQ+ artists and allies. She emphasizes the importance of creating a distinct style and taking risks, advice she passionately shares with aspiring DJs. Outside of her professional life, Havi enjoys the simple pleasures of music in everyday settings. She finds comfort in the rhythms of cumbia, perreo, and mambo to name a few.

La Havi's insights and experiences offer valuable lessons and inspiration to others navigating similar paths. She not only illuminates the struggles faced by the transgender community but also highlights the transformative power of music and activism in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Her journey is a compelling call to action for greater inclusivity, understanding, and support for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.


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