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October 23, 2021
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Rumi von Baires, The Queer DJ Who Makes You Dance To Queer Artists

Want to go to a queer club and dance to a queer DJ playing a playlist made of queer musicians produced by queer labels? You have come to the right place.

Rumi von Baires is a Vienna based Queer DJ and vinyls passionate. His speciality is to create playlists of queer artists and/or queer-owned labels - and quite frankly, we always need more of those. The music industry has given us a few queer icons, for sure. But a large number of queer musicians remain hidden gems, not featured on mainstream radio and not well-know, even within the queer community. And Rumi von Baires is here to change that.

He recently worked on a very nice project: designing LGBTQIA+ and allies’ rave parties with a friend. Going to a rave specifically designed for you and where you can feel safe? We are all in for it. The project has been launched at the beginning of October in Vienna, so if you ever happen to be around the city, keep an eye out for it.

But that is not Rumi’s only talent. He also sometimes competes in the ballroom scene - and wins first place. Yes, some people are badass like that.

And, as if it was not enough, he DJ’s to raise money for queer association in Austria. Right down below, you can find one of the playlist he has created especially for a 13 hours fundraiser. The event involved 13 artists who mixed for one hour each and profits were donated to Queer Base Vienna, a non-profit organization offering community and legal support to LGBTQI+ refugees in Austria.

On top of that, Rumi launched his own podcast radio show, GEMS. In one of the latest episodes, he decided to experiment with music, in order to see if it could lower participants’ stress levels. And guess what? It did. Maybe music is the answer after all. So why not listen to one of his mixes, like the one we picked for you?


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