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March 7, 2022
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Sevdaliza is back with a new bewitching EP

After a 2 years hiatus, captivating singer Sevdaliza is back with a brand new EP. Let’s dive into ‘Raving Dahlia’, a coherent and delightful pursuit of her musical world.

If you don’t know Sevzaliza yet, here is a quick catch-up. The Iranian-Dutch singer-writer released her 1st single, ‘Clear Air’ in 2014. In 2017, she released her first song in Farsi, ‘Bebin’, in response to the Muslim ban issued by Donald Trump. It’s with her critically-acclaimed single ‘Darkest Hour’ that Sevzaliza gained international fame. Her bewitching vocals and raw emotions then conquered the hearts of millions, including ours.

With ‘Raving Dahlia’, Sevzaliza steps aside from her usually introspective atmosphere to explore wider horizons over danceable basslines. While ‘Shabrang’, her last album, focused on emotional tumult and introspection, ‘Raving Dahlia’ celebrates growth and self-discovery. The six new songs appear like a progression: ‘System’, the opening song, is closer to her previous work and evokes the necessary goodbye to someone that hinders your growth. From that, the rhythm gets faster and the beat more danceable. The progressive strength that emanates from this sensibility and intimacy is truly empowering. Dahlia flowers, from which the album gets its name, signify inner strength, change, and creativity. Dahlia is also the name of the cover robot, present in the video of ‘The Great Hope Design’. The robot represents the perfect artist, a rather direct image of how the music industry is trying to fit women into impossible standards.

Sevzaliza suffered from those standards and the pressure she got from the music industry. The necessary break she took allowed her to come back stronger than ever while making a strong stance.

With her world tour coming up this year, it is your opportunity to discover captivating music. In the meantime, stream ‘Raving Dahlia on your favorite platform!


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