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October 4, 2022
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Blu Samu, a musical bender and ode to multiple origins

The Belgium-based artist juggles between poetry and hip hop and, thus, in a perfectly balanced way. A name to know in today's European hip hop landscape.

Salomé Dos Santos, more commonly known under the stage name of Blu Samu, is a poetic powerhouse, blending nostalgia with energetic beats and rhymes. Her influences vary from funk, hip-hop, or even R&B or jazz; everyone has something to love in her sound. A sound embellished by a raw and raucous timbre, a true delight.

Taking Brussels by storm, the young artist has established herself on the Belgian hip-hop scene and has collaborated with many local artists through the years. Notably, entertaining a solid bond with artists such as Miss angel or Le 77, creating an almost crew-like entity and emanating cool kids' energy.

Cruising through the French and Belgian musical scene for years, the singer has established herself as an instance in the European hip-hop scene. Her songs go from English to french and Portuguese, all with vocal intensity and strength of lyrics. Sometimes in a more rap-like and straightforward approach, and others nearly taking the form of a jazzy psychedelic journey. A versatility that truly marks her strength in today's musical landscape.

Her most recent project, a 7-track EP, simply dubbed "7." A journey through emotions and internal questionings, add to it a nod to her origins with Portuguese lyrics and references—a mesmerizing ode to roots and childhood memories. Filled with Saudade, it is bound to make its listener touched and go through a journey with Blu.

Blu Samu-an artist that, throughout the years, has surprised many and amassed a loyal and passionate following. A Belgian reference you'd surely want to have, and if not, do yourself a favor and give her work a listen!

Photographic credit goes to Yaqine Hamzaoui and Rayan Nohra

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