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January 31, 2023
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The Lyon-based female rapper and ultra badass LGBTQ+ icon : Lala&ce

Would you like to add some chill sounds to your hip-hop playlist ?

A rapper with androgynous charisma and an ultra badass LGBTQ+ icon, the Lyon-based artist Lala&ce, whose real name is Melanie Berthinier, reinvents the codes of French hip-hop. Born from a French father and an Ivorian mother, she grew up around this double culture.

Under her non-chalant air, she has become one of the most respected figures of French rap. Combining cloud rap, electro and trap sounds, she offers a chill flow signed with sensual touch.

She started with the 667, a french collective. Self-taught, Lala&ce learned to mix alone and sees auto-tune as an instrument. She evolved mainly in a male environment, where she knew how to make a place for herself, regardless of the gender.

The Lyon-based artist is never short of creativity in both her words and her visuals. With her latest album "Baiser Mortel", inspired by the movie "Death Takes A Holiday", the interpreter of the famous title "Show Me Love" surrounded herself with very talented artists: Jäde, Rad Cartier, BabySolo33 and Le Diouck. In this performance, they're mixing music, dance and theater. They, each in their own way, got inspired by their definition of love for this piece, which makes it personal and intimate.

Where Lala&ce draws her originality is also on the themes she speaks off. In her videos, which show intense twerking and voluptuous shapes, she owns her homosexuality and highlights black women, a beautiful tribute to her Ivorian roots.

Being also known for her fashion sense, Lala&ce collaborates with big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mugler. Passionate about tennis, the artist proudly displays a singular style that mixes high fashion and sportswear.

The sensual rapper from Lyon remains an artist, constantly evolving. Lala&ce brings freshness to the world of French rap with authenticity and spontaneity.

Images courtesy of Manuel Obadia-Wills and Pierre-Ange Carlotti


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