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February 5, 2022
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Dyna Edyne Is Here To Reconnect You With Your Roots

We all need to reconnect to nature and to ourselves, sometimes. Especially as the world keeps on spinning faster and faster around us. Pausing to take a breath can become vital. Focus on a Floridian singer that carries nature in her soul.

There is ‘party’ music and music that brings you to your senses - get it? Because one of Dyna Edyne’s songs is called ‘Senses’. Dyna’s music is definitely of the latter. Smooth, gliding voice, soft rhythms, it touches something in your soul and makes you want to lay down and just feel.

Definitely a recommendation for those of us with anxiety problems or who have issues falling asleep at night - and we are telling you this as fellow queers with anxiety and sleep problems.

Dyna’s music is all about the energy that comes out of it. There is something natural, like water running down, to her rhythms, lyrics and moves. Undoubtedly, her project the ‘TreeWoman’ is deeply connected to nature. Self-love and affirmation in her art comes from the roots.

This Floridian singer produces tracks infused by sounds of R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop, which come out as something ‘buttery’ (her words, not ours) and catchy (her words too, but ours as well) that soothes the soul - like sipping on a tea infused with honey. Her music is among those that has to be experienced - lived - to be understood.

So, why not try it for yourself? If you want to relax, or love nature, or just overall appreciate beauty and music, give it a go. All you have to do is click down below!

PS: One of Dyna Edyne’s songs has been featured in a gay short film talking about asexuality, ‘Infinito Enquanto Dure’, if you needed any more proof of how great her music is!


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