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September 7, 2022
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The world through Hervé Annen’s lens

We recently took a look at swiss photographer Hervé Annen's work. An elaborated aesthetic we absolutely adore and that you should have a look at !

Born in Geneva, Hervé Annen graduated from ecal (Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne) in Visual Arts. Initially interested in film and video, he then focused his art on photography.

He now collaborates with numerous brands such as Hermès, Bongénie Grieder, Freitag Lab, Tamedia or T Magazine. His work has been published in international papers and magazines from New York to Japan, including London, Milan and Paris. Notably through Vogue Italia, M le magazine du Monde, Wallpaper* magazine or Grazia France.

His constant refreshing and bright work consists of portraits, still life and fashion images.

Since 2019, he has also taken Polaroid photographs during his various trips and trips between Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Mainly showcasing sculptural forms observed in the street such as plants, people or even architectural constructions or objects.

During a stay in Rome, he decided to explore the city in search of ancient statues. Being interested interested in their silhouettes, the eroticism emanating from them, but also the various details such as clothing, accessories, or different parts of the body.

Images evoking a masculine virility and having a fetish like dimension to them. Despite the frozen appearance of these athletic silhouettes, there's also movement and life to be witnessed. Hervé Annen cherishes the brightness and contrasts that he particularly tries to transcribe in his photographs. his photographs are often adorned with a striking flash, his signature aesthetic.  

His photographic work will soon be exhibited as part of a collective (R)evolution at SIG. he will offer a collaboration with a ceramist : a perfect fusion of two crafts and thus offering a new dimension to photography. We look forward to seeing him there from September 21 to October 31, at Quartier Libre, Geneva!


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