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Charlotte Adigéry
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August 22, 2022
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Charlotte Adigéry is the breath of fresh air the Belgian music scene needed

We recently took a look at the young Belgian artist and her duo. An original proposal, light but at the same time addressing profound subjects all at once. The young artist brings together a variation of genres, all in a very humorous tone.
The young artist from Ghent in Belgium has been able over the years to draw inspiration from Martinique and Guadeloupean sounds from where she comes from, and to mix them with her inspirations and sound desires. The rhythms and sounds she offers are eclectic and experimental. Her proposal is most interesting, and the singer really intrigues. It is almost impossible to stick a genre to her art; And that’s very well the point.
 Her often electronic based music is sublimated by lyrics exploring issues of racism, misogyny and cultural appropriation. Subjects that touch her personally and where, she poses her reflections and questions. In a country like Belgium where these conversations are still too stifled, she is making a statement. All without being radical and often with the tone of humor. It allows to open a discussion while remaining light and playful.
 Her universe is very campy and surrealist. She offers a dramatization of her music and is always experiments in her visuals. The artist lets herself be experimental and as a listener it is always incredible to witness it.
 Always very dancy and fresh, her world is very thought throught and sharp. Something she continues to do now in duo with Boris Pupul, long-time collaborator.
Within the same label DEEWEE the pair offers a real musical symbiosis and new sound experiences. They are both on tour; to go and see if the opportunity presents itself, and if not , stream her music in any case!





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