‘La Purga’ Tribade Queer Feminist Anthem Rap Hip Hop Collective Antiracist Anticapitalism
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August 26, 2021
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‘La Purga’, Tribade’s Queer Feminist Anthem

Tribade is a queer, feminist rap group from Barcelona. Bittah, Masiva Lulla and DJ Big Mark (former member of Sombra Alor) make music that combines rap with flamenco, soul, afro trap and reggaeton.

Through poetry and rhythm, they empower and amplify marginalized voices and shake up the European hip hop scene. Shot in a real church, their iconic music video ‘La Purga’ received massive positive feedback. The video quickly became a queer feminist anthem.

Tribade’s music is rooted in resistance and autonomous feminism, ‘that includes all the trans, dissident and gay identities under the ideas of antiracism and anticapitalism’.

You can have a look at their famous video down below!

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