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January 4, 2022
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Meet Sophia, Your Local Gay Artist Creating Awesome T-Shirts

We may or may not be in a full-blown obsession on cowboys and cowgirls lately. What can we say? To each their own. And well, if you do like cowpeople too (is that a thing? it should, shout out to our non-binary cowpeople), you might want to check Sophia Robichaux’s designs.

You might have noticed a common point between Touki Bouki, The Highwomen and Sean Finn’s videos - other than the fact that we have talked about them on our website. Hint: we have already mentioned it in this piece: yes, baby, cowpeople! (Yes, we are sticking to it.)

Well, if you share this passion, and ‘the gayer the better’ is a sentence you can relate to, you might want to check out Sophia’s work. With her brother Harrison, she has designed and printed an incredible t-shirt of two cowboys kissing, with the legend ‘Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other’. Major ‘Brokeback Mountains’ vibes anyone?

But making gay t-shirts is not Sophia’s sole talent. This multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Louisiana is also skilled in digital art, animation (including paper stop animation), merchandising design and painting. Also, she is currently studying at the Louisiana State University with Digital Art Concentration and is, at the same time, working on her first independent short film.

Oh, and have we mentioned that she designed merchandise for Yungblud? Yes, THE Yungblud. Pretty impressive, right? We are telling you, she is an artist worth keeping an eye on.

Also, as always, scroll down below to have an overview of her work. She has done so many different things we could not add it all, but we have selected a few of our favorites, just for you. Enjoy!


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